Local retail space

The retail space on the ground floor of the En Lavaux building offers 1155m2 in which to set up your local shop from 2023.

Given its proximity to the centre of Cully village and its SBB station, the retail space will be very visible and there is a significant pedestrian flow. The 24 apartments on the floors above will ensure that there is a daily flow of custom and the businesses become a firm part of local life.


Local retail space

The ground floor of En Lavaux will be filled with shops, creating a true sense of neighbourhood life and providing you access to essentials right on your doorstep.


Opening of En Lavaux to its first tenants

The first tenants will be able to move into their little corner of paradise over the course of the third trimester of 2023. Join them in this exceptional setting!

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Set among vineyards, at the heart of urban life

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Address En Lavaux, Place de la Gare 4, 1096 Cully